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This is the boring part

I am positively FLYING through that list! The effectiveness of me is kinda staggering, especially considering I’m sleep deprived and fighting off a cold. However, for as impressed as I am with myself, I am also totally bored by everything I’m doing. Somehow I don’t think the internet needs a procedural blog post about canceling my health insurance. Nor does it need me to endlessly rehash the same concerns: Will I have access to X? How will I do Y? Blah blah. Like I said, even I’m bored. So instead, let me offer a few Korean sayings:

Korean transliteration: Cheosamchon bulchohadeut.
English translation: He worked as if he were pruning the grave of his wife’s uncle.

Korean transliteration: Hatpaji panggwi sedut.
English translation: He disappeared like a fart through a hemp pajama.

Korean transliteration: Chaesu om put’otta.
English translation: My luck has scabies.

Korean transliteration: Korun ch’igo change kanda.
English translation: He was carrying compost when he followed the others to the market.

Korean transliteration: Horangi tambae p’iudon shijol iyagi.
English translation: That’s from an era when tigers smoked tobacco

Korean transliteration: Ttoktukkobi kat’un adul naara.
English translation: I wish you wold give birth to a boy who looks like a fat toad.

And there are so many more. Stay tuned…

[Update: Had I been a more experienced blogger, I would have invited my readers to guess which of these sayings are positive and which negative. Interactivity! Well, never too late for a good idea. Any latecomer who so chooses should take a stab.]

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  1. ElJump #

    I think “my luck has scabies” might be my new favorite phrase…ever. Gods bless idioms.

    January 11, 2012

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