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Livin’ life like the 1%

I’ll only post this video if you all promise not to judge us by the opulence of our future apartment. It’s 1% style. Or is it? I don’t actually know how the 1% lives. Maybe it’s just the well-to-do side of grown up? HCB and I have been living like grad students since forever, so I don’t actually have a basis for comparison. Whether or not it’s actually all that obscene (and I do think it’s a little obscene), we’re pretty stoked. This is apparently where all the American professors get stored until they and their families can learn enough Korean to go free-range. I’m working on the language, but I have to say, after today’s RosettaStone festivities, I’m not entirely disappointed about living in an English-speaking bubble.

The woman in the videos is insufferable, but she doesn’t live there anymore! Neither we nor our guests will be bumping into her in the elevator. Tolerate her, turn off the volume, or skip over her narration, but just feast your eyes on the splendor that is DMC Ville:

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  1. It looks super comfy! Heated floors whaaaaa???

    That woman!

    I predict that having more than one bathroom will change your lives and make you better people.

    Lovin’ the bloggin’.

    January 18, 2012
    • Had I known heated floors were in the package offered to the professor’s wife, I’d have put a ring on it even sooner!

      I’m glad you approve of the blog. I’m a student of the Suburban Matron School for Wayward Lit Majors.

      January 18, 2012
  2. Lars Peterson #

    Pretty much every apartment in Korea has heated floors. Turns out it’s cheap to run the lines when you’re pouring a concrete slab, and they almost exclusively use instant-hot water systems that are shared with the hot water service. The trouble is when they’re TOO HOT and you can’t find the shut-off valve.

    January 18, 2012
    • Standard-issue heated floors mean new construction. Ah, to be moving to an empire on the upswing! BTW: On your advice, I went out and purchased a pair of hiking boots. I’ll take HCB soon. Gwan-ak San, here we come.

      January 24, 2012
  3. Alicia #

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU. Your new apartment looks like it’s from the future. It will be like living in an episode of ‘Cribs.’ Added bonus: Snooki used to live there. WHUT!

    January 21, 2012
    • So excited for us? So excited for you! I haven’t officially sent my congratulations! Jackson is adorable. HCB passed along some of your early mommy travails. Keep strong. :) My favorite story of that type involves a very close friend of mine: her 8-month-old son was sick with a cold and crying incessantly. It was clear that he was suffering from sinus pain due to the build up of, well… snot. She had tried using the little suction bulb thing, but she reports that it is an imperfect technology. He cried and cried until finally her monkey brain spoke up. She grabbed him and, with her mouth, sucked the snot out of his nose. It worked perfectly, although even the 8-month-old was pretty stunned. She will want me to assure you and all my readers that she spit it in the sink. Immunological, you and the baby will essentially be one organism for the first year, but it’s amazing what a desperate, sleep-deprived mother will do…

      January 23, 2012

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