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Writing from the Mid-Pacific

Right now, we’ve made it a little more than half way across the Pacific Ocean. We’ve been flying for about seven hours, and the creaky joints of a long-haul flight are just now really setting in. Oh for the excesses of extreme wealth. If I were a well-heeled lunatic, I would furnish for myself a yoga studio on the plane. That would feel awesome right about now. Alas…

How have my feelings changed over the last few hours? Well, this is all certainly much more concrete. We are literally moving to Korea as I type this. It’s bonkers. The flight has been uneventful, so I’ve allowed myself the luxury of not thinking too hard about anything. I’ve let myself fall into a (de)light(ful) novel that has been happily consuming without taxing my noggin. The last three weeks have earned both of us a little break if only for the duration of the flight. Good thing the flight is so long; there’s plenty of time to unwind.

I can feel both of us easing into this situation. The mild bickering we’ve aimed at each other is receding and I’m starting to hook back into what’s in front of me instead of dreading/dreaming. The result of this is that, thankfully, things are starting to feel funny again. Take for example, this little tidbit: when we went through security, the TSA agents pulled one of our carry-on bags out of the line for a more thorough inspection. Upon opening the bag, he found a large hammer, a screwdriver and, wait for it… a box-cutter and two packs of fresh blades. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a box-cutter. Somehow, in all the packing and shuffling of the last three days, we transferred our “Utility Pack” from the checked luggage to the carry-on. Shockingly, the TSA confiscated all three items. No matter how assiduously you check and recheck, something like this always slips through. Considering the number of discrete items/tasks we’ve had to work through, we should consider ourselves expert jetsetters if that’s the worst mistake we make on this move.

Do you have any stories of travel/move related airheadedness? I trust we’re in good company, but it will soothe the bruised ego to add proof to supposition.

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  1. Cecelia #

    You can ask Christian about my TSA “incident” at the San Jose airport. I’m not recounting it on the blog!

    What airline are you taking?

    February 16, 2012
    • We took Korean Air! It was awesome. We didn’t get upgraded because we’ve only recently received the Korean Air credit card, but we were able to get bulkhead seats that abutted Business Class. I think the sweet smell of affluence wafted out of that more rarified section and back onto us because by the time we got off that flight we both felt positively pampered.

      February 16, 2012
  2. Alicia #

    Coming back from a business trip to Las Vegas five years back, security pulled nearly a dozen lighters out the numerous large and small compartments of my giant purse. I felt like Miss Piggy in “Muppets Take Manhattan”… you know, if Miss Piggy was into vodka and Marlboro Lights instead of hair dryers and fashion accessories.

    Luckily, this spectacle was met with amusement instead of ire. I’m guessing the folks at aforementioned airport have seen stranger things. I can only imagine…

    February 16, 2012
    • Just imagine how many lighters you’ll be able to secret away in the diaper bag.

      February 16, 2012
  3. Jim Jam to the flim flam #

    Well, I have that story about what Elaine and I *ahem* brought over from Europe, that was stupid. But helarious.

    February 16, 2012

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