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Gone to Seed

If a blog is a garden, then AD has gone to seed. Although I can offer a small handful of what—at the time—felt like very legitimate explanations (“I can’t write today because…”), really none of these interventions excuses the long silence:

• Korean is hard and KLI is even harder.
• I’ve been expending my energy on living life, rather than writing about it.
• I’ve begun to normalize to my new Korean context, so things seem a lot less noteworthy.
• Did I mention that Korean is a hard language?

Anyway. I’m done with excuses. I feel better when I stay in contact with people back home (you all) and I feel more awake when I go through life actively looking for interesting stories to tell. So, here’s my commitment: 5 posts a week from now until I head home to California (July 6th). I can’t guarantee everything will be brilliant, but I have to get the catsup (ketchup) out of the bottle somehow.

So, here is a video of robots playing “Moves Like Jagger.” Enjoy:

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