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Remembrance of Novembeards Past

I haven’t participated in Novembeard since 2009 because I don’t care enough about preventing prostate cancer to be that itchy for than long. In the HCB/DME household, if I go more than a few days without trimming my facial hair, HCB will start to refuse me kisses by shaking his head and saying, “There are animals living in there.” And there might well be. Small herbivores grazing gently but persistently until I’m driven wild by their nibbling. In fact, back in 2009, I didn’t even make it the full 4 weeks. I shaved the day before Thanksgiving, Nov 24th, because I was literally starting to rave about the animals, THE ANIMALS.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that BEARDS ARE HELLA ITCHY, YOU GUYS.

However, just because I won’t do it again, doesn’t mean I can’t help the Novembeard cause, especially since I have recently discovered in the archives a cache of photos depicting the shearing process. Here, presented without comment, is my Novembeard:

Novembeard - 01

Novembeard - 02

Novembeard - 03

Novembeard - 04

looking for animals

Novembeard - 05

This is, to date, the best picture anyone has ever taken of me. I WOULD HAVE MADE AN AWESOME REDNECK, Y’ALL.

Novembeard - 06

You think your mutton chops are larger than my mutton chops?

Novembeard - 07

I’ve got Wolverine’s face wings. Bub.

Novembeard - 08

thinning the forests

Novembeard - 09

Novembeard - 10


Novembeard - 11


Novembeard - 12


Novembeard - 13


Novembeard - 14

Photographs like this are why I shave my head. Dudes: if you can see your scalp, we can see your scalp. Don’t pretend. Don’t hide it. Work with what you’ve got.

Novembeard - 15

The Micro-Mutton? The Lamb Chop? It’ll need a catchy name if it’s going to catch on.

Novembeard - 17

Novembeard - 16

This is one of two times I’ve been beardless in the last seven years. It freaks HCB out, and my chin gets REALLY cold.

Novembeard - 18

Here I am, trimmed and shaved. Verdict: not the worst look; still really weird; animal-free.

Did anyone think the whole “without comment” thing was actually going to happen?

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  1. Michele obrien #

    I read every 1 of your post and enjoy the heck out of them happy holidays

    December 28, 2012
  2. Michele O'Brien #

    Great look

    December 31, 2012
  3. Paul Elkins #

    Looking good. If you put numbers on them it would taking print orders easier.

    Love Dad

    February 18, 2013
  4. Michele O'Brien #

    Hi David,

    Looking for recent posts and I haven’t gotten any since Dec. miss your writing and all your adventures.

    Many Blessings, Michele

    March 1, 2013
    • Hi Michele,

      I’ve been totally absent from the blog recently, but I’ll get back to work soon! Promise!


      March 1, 2013

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