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HCB’s Guest Post: Squid Jerky and Two Months in Korea

Our second month living in Korea flew by so quickly we barely registered our two-month anniversary last Monday. Instead of marking the occasion with something special, we just lived our lives, which is probably accomplishment enough: DME went to his Korean class; I graded papers and attended an electrifying department meeting. These days, the actual activities of making a life are absorbing more of our energy and attention than arbitrary dates and anniversaries. We’re not counting days and weeks here, and that’s a huge step. Well…I am marking our 60 days in a special way, with this little guest post. Read more

Checking In

Sorry that it’s been kinda quiet over here at Abrupt Departure. It’s just that there’s a lot going on: In less than twelve hours the friendly movers from Mayflower arrive to pack our dearest possessions into a 200 cubic foot shipping container (it sort of makes my head explode a little to write that sentence). And one week from tomorrow, we board a plane (it absolutely makes my head explode to write that).

If I were prioritizing blog posts over other things, I’d write separate entries about: my adventures and misadventures with international shipping companies; an impromptu visit to the Korean consulate; my ill-timed weekend in Austin; learning the hard way why it’s important to read the fine print when ordering foreign currency from an American bank; the incorrect passport number on a plane ticket; some harrowing times with my new university-supplied bilingual assistant; the paperwork, oh, the paperwork; and, finally, learning to love, or at least choke down, sushi.

But instead of writing funny blog posts we’re trying to decide how many pairs of socks and underwear we should be taking with us.

HCB’s Guest Post: Passport Regained

For quite some time now I’ve conceived of myself as organized. Sure, I often get to the grocery store without my shopping list, and I’ve been known to leave the doggie bag at the restaurant. But that’s all small stuff, which by now we know not to sweat. High stakes obligations? I’m on it.

Hubris! Read more