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Vietnam, Part 1: Om Nom Nom

I’ve been back from Vietnam for a week and a half now, but with the exception of a dribble of status updates and a changed profile picture (WATER BUFFALO!), my post-trip internet presence has been pretty anemic. It’s just that responsibilities backlog and strides are hard to hit, especially when you board a plane in Vietnam and disembark into a landscape that is LITERALLY lashed by the winds of Siberia. As HCB would say, it’s Seoul cold right now.

The problem is that, with so many stories from Vietnam, it’s kind of hard to decide where to start. For the first week, we kept things easy, only hitting two southern destinations, Ho Chi Minh and Phu Quoc, but for the second week, HCB was left to find his way home to Seoul, while I traveled north to visit Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa. Not having a better organizing principle, I suppose chronology will do. Read more

Mr. Pizza: A Menu Planned by a Five-Year-Old, Executed by a Multinational

Last week, HCB and I had the great pleasure(?) of experiencing the Korean culinary phenomenon that is Mr. Pizza. A friend of ours (Ms. Temple!) suggested a visit to Mr. Pizza for the ongoing Korean scavenger hunt that is our lives. I was actually already well aware of Mr. Pizza because during the live StarCraft Tournament, a commercial for the popular Korean chain restaurant played repeatedly during the breaks between matches. The product being offered: Lobster Pizza. Read more

Scavenger Hunt Task 6A: Non-Korean food in Korea

Back in California, I eat two types of food on a weekly (daily?) basis: Chinese food and Mexican food. Considering the geographic and historical context in which I now live, I invite you, Dear Reader, to wager a guess as to which of these dietary pillars is harder to come by in Korea. Need a hint? There are no tortilla chips in the supermarket.

Read more

Drinking From The Cup of Triumph: Itaewon Edition!

Yesterday was a present wrapped up in a bow. It started out a little shaky, but by the end I was foot-weary and delighted.

When we woke up this morning, it was -4° C in Seoul. As I’ve said before, that may not be anything special for you Northern/Eastern folk, but when I see negative numbers the adventurous spirit just drains right out of me. The last couple days I’ve pushed through, but yesterday I was of the opinion that I had earned a mental health day. Having resigned myself to a day indoors, I read happily for several hours while HCB prepared syllabi and lectures. I know, I know. I’m on an amazing adventure. Be hungry for life, carpe diem, and all that. But sometimes a guy just needs to take the pressure off. Read more