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Posts from the ‘K-Homemaking’ Category

Hoarders: Korean Kitchen Edition

Week one of learning Korean kicked my ass. It wasn’t an all-out brawl exactly, but I’m certainly going to wake up tomorrow with an extensive collection of psychic bruises. Right now, I think it’ll be better to distract myself from—rather than dwell in—the trauma, so I’m not going to get into all the gory details. Suffice it to say that Korean is a tough language made tougher by the various gifts and curses specific to my brain. I am not, what you would call, mentally spry. I can think my way through a problem well enough, but when it comes to speed, I am at a great disadvantage. Unfortunately, an intensive language class is a kind of long-distance sprint. And I’m feelin’ it, yo. Not to play the age card, but boy, 27 is awfully late to be learning a whole new alphabet. Somehow, I’m actually worse at Korean today than I was three classes ago. Even very simple things are getting frustratingly jumbled and I’m starting to second-guess myself. Since I speak Spanish more smoothly when a little drunk, maybe I should enjoy a pre-class cocktail or two? I’m sure that would solve all my problems. Read more


Breaking it Down: Bathroom Humor*

Those of you who watched the video of DMC Ville may have noticed that our bathroom comes with a fancy Asian bidet. Basically, it’s an attachment bolted on in place of the toilet seat, which offers all the utility of a bidet without requiring A) a separate dedicated unit (as is often the case in Europe [or was the last time I was there]) or B) a SUPER expensive all-in-one toilet/bidet, which can run you upwards of $5500. Read more

Livin’ life like the 1%

I’ll only post this video if you all promise not to judge us by the opulence of our future apartment. It’s 1% style. Or is it? I don’t actually know how the 1% lives. Maybe it’s just the well-to-do side of grown up? HCB and I have been living like grad students since forever, so I don’t actually have a basis for comparison. Whether or not it’s actually all that obscene (and I do think it’s a little obscene), we’re pretty stoked. This is apparently where all the American professors get stored until they and their families can learn enough Korean to go free-range. I’m working on the language, but I have to say, after today’s RosettaStone festivities, I’m not entirely disappointed about living in an English-speaking bubble. Read more