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Posts from the ‘Health’ Category

The Best Advice: Tits Out!

I’ve always loved a good mentor. For as long as I’ve taken an active roll in populating my social circle, for as long as I’ve courted interesting people rather than just settling for the closest and easiest, I have had great appreciation for anyone who demands that I be better than I am. From these relationships I’ve taken many lessons, but of those many lessons, one, more than all the rest, has shaped my latest self. The best advice I have ever received, which—cryptically enough—is the title of this blog post, was given to me about seven years ago by a good and patient friend of mine, Leigh Fullmer. Read more


Stepping Out and The Stakes of Getting Better

The most empowering moments in life occur when circumstance suddenly draws a stark—but favorable—line between what is and what has been. Last weekend, standing on the peak of Insubong, I experienced that sort of transformative epiphany: I am not a broken thing. Read more

Climbing Insubong

One week ago, I completed Sanirang’s beginning outdoor climbing course by summiting Insubong, the second highest peak in the Seoul area. As I’ve mentioned here, here and here, SAN’s classes have totally changed my life in Korea, so it would be an understatement to say that I was looking forward to this climb: for the 48 hours beforehand, I was a giddy, squirming embarrassment to myself and the people around me. Read more

Why I Climb: Bukhansan Edition

Having abstained from bloggin’ about climbin’ for ten whole days, I’m gonna let this puppy off the leash: OMG CLIMBING IS SO FUN. Ahhh. So much better. Like unbuttoning your pants after Thanksgiving dinner. Read more