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Photo Scavenger Hunt: Trees, Water, Sky (Part 1)

My dear friend Elaine submitted this task to the Scavenger Hunt: “Take pictures of natural beauty: one of trees, one of water and one of the sky.” Although I’ve been more than a little delinquent with the photo blogging, I have been putting together triptychs with this in mind. Here is my first offering; more wait in the wings. Read more

Hoarders: Korean Kitchen Edition

Week one of learning Korean kicked my ass. It wasn’t an all-out brawl exactly, but I’m certainly going to wake up tomorrow with an extensive collection of psychic bruises. Right now, I think it’ll be better to distract myself from—rather than dwell in—the trauma, so I’m not going to get into all the gory details. Suffice it to say that Korean is a tough language made tougher by the various gifts and curses specific to my brain. I am not, what you would call, mentally spry. I can think my way through a problem well enough, but when it comes to speed, I am at a great disadvantage. Unfortunately, an intensive language class is a kind of long-distance sprint. And I’m feelin’ it, yo. Not to play the age card, but boy, 27 is awfully late to be learning a whole new alphabet. Somehow, I’m actually worse at Korean today than I was three classes ago. Even very simple things are getting frustratingly jumbled and I’m starting to second-guess myself. Since I speak Spanish more smoothly when a little drunk, maybe I should enjoy a pre-class cocktail or two? I’m sure that would solve all my problems. Read more

Scavenger Hunt Task 3A: 2012 Global StarCraft League Semifinals!

I hope you’re all sitting down because I have something really shocking to report: living in Korea is EXHAUSTING. I know! Who could have guessed?!? As a result of this general fatigue that is the by-product of doing anything in this country, I’ve fallen behind on my reportage. But I have a new strategy that I am borrowing from HCB and his years of dissertation work: write outside of the home, far from bed and books and easy internet and dishes that need washing and the other thousand things that can distract from storytelling. Read more

The results are in!

I. Am. So. Excited. Although it’s far from finalized, here is a preliminary list of the scavenger hunt items submitted by you, our generous readers:

1A. Attend a Korean drag show.
2A. Go climbing in Seoul and find a climbing partner.
3A. Attend a professional Starcraft tournament.
4A. Tour an animation studio that makes American cartoons.
5A. Take a Segway tour of Seoul.
6A. Wander for three hours with no direction.
7A. Get a non-McDonalds hamburger.
8A. Visit the DMZ.

1D. Take a picture of ourselves from the top of a mountain.
2D. Photograph a “translation that is now being presented in a language OTHER than English or Korean.” In other words, find a Spanish or French version of Konglish.
3D. Document small scale differences.
4D. Discover the Korean system for alphabetization.
5D. Take a photo of “a familiar foodstuff flavored in a way that would never occur to Americans. You know: shrimp-flavored angel food cake, or what have you.”
6D. Eat and photograph the Korean interpretation of a non-American, non-Asia food stuff. Perhaps Korean nachos.
7D. Draw a mental map of the surrounding area.
8D. Take pictures of natural beauty: one of trees, one of water and one of the sky.

Some of these task will have to wait until it warms up a little. Right now, if I wandered somewhere that wasn’t an indoor mall, I’d end up in the Korean emergency room. Other tasks, such as the Starcraft tournament—which is being held this week—will get checked off the list, ASAP.  Thanks to everyone who participated and if you come up with new ideas send them along and I’ll update the list.

Much Love,

You be the boss!

A couple days ago, a pair of BELOVED friends (Hi, Jaime and Elaine!) pitched an idea that I think is totally brilliant:

Create a scavenger hunt of activities to accomplish in Korea. They came up with some good ones: take a Segway tour of Seoul (it’s painful to even imagine what we’ll look like doing this, but I won’t say no, no matter how mortifying the task sounds); eat and photograph a Korean interpretation of some non-American food item (Korean nachos, perhaps?); locate a climbing gym and find a climbing partner.

You supply the ideas and I/we will complete them. Ever been curious about the Korean counterpart to something safely Western? Want to see us do something embarrassing (within limits, folks)? Do you have good travel tips you’d like to deliver in the form of a challenge? Credit will be given in any blog posts that result.

If you’re interested (come on, you know you wanna), leave your submissions in the comments section.

[P.S. We’re getting on the plane in 17.5 seconds. Oh my God. Here we go, kids.]