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Visa Vacation: My Second Country in Asia!

Were I a tourist used to hopping from country to country and not an American immigrant invested in establishing roots in my new homeland, I would have been more well-equipped for Japan. Not that I’m all that ill-equipped or anything. It’s just that for about 55 minutes, as I navigated my way from the customs desk at the airport to the seat on the train that I am currently occupying, I experienced a flutter of the vertigo that comes from being F.O.B. I can only imagine the wide-eyed-ness of my stare as I hunted my way through the Fukuoka Prefecture Subway Station. I must have looked permanently baffled. Read more

Day One: Nobody in this Country Speaks English

This morning, HCB and I woke up in Korea for the first time. I bounded out of bed at what turned out to be 3:30AM, but it wasn’t until the lazy hour of 6AM that the two of us really got rolling. We explored the facilities and found them to be as swanky as we had expected. Kids, we have squash courts. Now, I’ve never actually held a squash racket (it’s a racket and not a paddle, right?), but it’s nice to have the option. Add to that the sauna and the jacuzzi’s and the GIGANTIC pool and you have a pretty well appointed gym. After mapping the basement levels, we ate a free continental breakfast (served every weekday) and climbed onto the free shuttle to HCB’s school. Read more

You be the boss!

A couple days ago, a pair of BELOVED friends (Hi, Jaime and Elaine!) pitched an idea that I think is totally brilliant:

Create a scavenger hunt of activities to accomplish in Korea. They came up with some good ones: take a Segway tour of Seoul (it’s painful to even imagine what we’ll look like doing this, but I won’t say no, no matter how mortifying the task sounds); eat and photograph a Korean interpretation of some non-American food item (Korean nachos, perhaps?); locate a climbing gym and find a climbing partner.

You supply the ideas and I/we will complete them. Ever been curious about the Korean counterpart to something safely Western? Want to see us do something embarrassing (within limits, folks)? Do you have good travel tips you’d like to deliver in the form of a challenge? Credit will be given in any blog posts that result.

If you’re interested (come on, you know you wanna), leave your submissions in the comments section.

[P.S. We’re getting on the plane in 17.5 seconds. Oh my God. Here we go, kids.]

HCB’s Guest Post: Passport Regained

For quite some time now I’ve conceived of myself as organized. Sure, I often get to the grocery store without my shopping list, and I’ve been known to leave the doggie bag at the restaurant. But that’s all small stuff, which by now we know not to sweat. High stakes obligations? I’m on it.

Hubris! Read more