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Day One: Nobody in this Country Speaks English

This morning, HCB and I woke up in Korea for the first time. I bounded out of bed at what turned out to be 3:30AM, but it wasn’t until the lazy hour of 6AM that the two of us really got rolling. We explored the facilities and found them to be as swanky as we had expected. Kids, we have squash courts. Now, I’ve never actually held a squash racket (it’s a racket and not a paddle, right?), but it’s nice to have the option. Add to that the sauna and the jacuzzi’s and the GIGANTIC pool and you have a pretty well appointed gym. After mapping the basement levels, we ate a free continental breakfast (served every weekday) and climbed onto the free shuttle to HCB’s school. Read more

Kneel and pray and you will speak Korean.

Rosetta Stone is a little bit bananas. I don’t think I fully grasp what it’s trying to do, or rather, if it’s doing something, it’s doing it well below the threshold of perception. Perhaps my language center is being rewired in some subtle way? Maybe? Hopefully. Because if that isn’t happening, I just spent $400 on a load of horse effluvium. I know, I know. The Peace Corps and the US Military. Millions and millions of people learning languages all around the world. I know, but this just doesn’t feel effective yet. Read more

Now I know my ㅏ, ㅂ, ㅊs! Next time won’t you sing with me?

Ugh. I wish HCB would guest post already! He’s called dibs on the biggest pre-Korea, stress-related crisis. This mystery event has tainted the leaving process, but – Hallelujah! – everything has been resolved and in the best possible way. So yeah. Chop chop, HCB. I can’t account for my reversal in mood until you tell your story! Read more

Introducing: K-Pop

This is the first post in a series of Korean culture primers. I expect we will cover a board array of topics: food, fashion, film, etc. So you know, stay tuned, or something.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information gathered herein is specialized or even particularly well researched. I don’t have time for anything more substantial than a few Wikipedia pages, but I figure this will give us all something to laugh at later when I realize exactly how wrong I was about everything. Read more

For those autodidacts among us: