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Posts tagged ‘learning curve’

Did You Say I’ve Got A Lot To Learn?

As I sit here doing my 숙제—flashcards and work book exercises and grammar drills—I can’t get this song out of my head:

HCB’s Guest Post: Squid Jerky and Two Months in Korea

Our second month living in Korea flew by so quickly we barely registered our two-month anniversary last Monday. Instead of marking the occasion with something special, we just lived our lives, which is probably accomplishment enough: DME went to his Korean class; I graded papers and attended an electrifying department meeting. These days, the actual activities of making a life are absorbing more of our energy and attention than arbitrary dates and anniversaries. We’re not counting days and weeks here, and that’s a huge step. Well…I am marking our 60 days in a special way, with this little guest post. Read more

Why I Climb: Bukhansan Edition

Having abstained from bloggin’ about climbin’ for ten whole days, I’m gonna let this puppy off the leash: OMG CLIMBING IS SO FUN. Ahhh. So much better. Like unbuttoning your pants after Thanksgiving dinner. Read more

One Month Worth of Korea

One of the more difficult parts of immigrating to Korea has been the struggle to replace expectation with reality while maintaining the ability to leave the house. Before getting on the plane, there was really no way for the two of us to accurately picture what living in Korea would be like. The best we could do was stitch our combined life experience into a tissue of cultural quotations, a rough approximation, a roadmap missing its key. When moving, this usually gets you close enough. What I think neither of us realized is that we didn’t move to Korea. We immigrated. Read more

Adventures in Fashion… Sort of.

Last week, in an effort to increase my meager sweater collection, I decided to visit one of Seoul’s largest fashion districts, Dongdaemun market. A guidebook I’ve been using had this to say on Dongdaemun:

Twenty-six shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops and 50,000 manufacturers. All within a 10-block radius. . . . [F]or fashion junkies looking for unique designs at decent prices, Dongdaemun is the place to go. Read more