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The Korean Military: Now with more snow and fewer shirts!

I have been told that living in Seoul will be a whole other thing when it comes to the military’s presence in daily life. Those of you in either DC or NYC might not find it notable, but for a Californian like me, security guards with AK-47 are attention-grabbing. At some point, a post will turn up here that addresses the psychic repercussions of living in a country that is at war with its border-mate, but that won’t happen until I get a chance to take surreptitious photos of G.I. Joe on the metro. (Do you think that’ll get me put in jail? I mean, I’ll be subtle about it, but if I’m too stealthy they might think I’m a spy for North Korea. ‘Cause, you know, I’m just naturally covert enough that professionals could mistake me for a trained operative.) Consider this post to be a lighthearted amuse-bouche to prime the pallet for a forthcoming¬†post of greater substance: Read more