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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I like reflections.

the lake in the Sapa town center

the lake in the Sapa town center (more on Sapa to follow)

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Remembrance of Novembeards Past

I haven’t participated in Novembeard since 2009 because I don’t care enough about preventing prostate cancer to be that itchy for than long. In the HCB/DME household, if I go more than a few days without trimming my facial hair, HCB will start to refuse me kisses by shaking his head and saying, “There are animals living in there.” And there might well be. Small herbivores grazing gently but persistently until I’m driven wild by their nibbling. In fact, back in 2009, I didn’t even make it the full 4 weeks. I shaved the day before Thanksgiving, Nov 24th, because I was literally starting to rave about the animals, THE ANIMALS.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that BEARDS ARE HELLA ITCHY, YOU GUYS. Read more

Vietnam, Part 3: Phu Quoc

After the hustle bustle of Ho Chi Minh and the cognitive dissonance of the Cu Chi tunnels, HCB and I shifted gears, boarding a plane to Phu Quoc, a tropical island off the southernmost coast of Vietnam know for its relaxed atmosphere and fine vintages of fish sauce. The island is just a series of white-sand beaches, bathwater-warm oceans, lush forests, and froufrou fruit drinks with silly umbrellas. For me, the island lacked the epic vistas that have drawn me to eco-tourism in the past, so in some ways, Phu Quoc with its human-sized natural attractions fell the tiniest bit short of my wildest dreams. HCB, on the other hand, was in paradise. Just seeing the joy on his face as he bobbed in the waves… it could break a guy’s heart, it was so sweet. He’s usually consumed by a long list of worries, but when he’s out there with his fish, he’s just about as contented as I ever see him. Seriously, you guys, if his university offered underwater classes, I think he’d hold office hours all day long. Read more

Water Buffalo Portraiture

Can you guess what my new favorite animal is?

Water buffalos are the awesomest, you guys. They’re basically just giant labrador retrievers with 18″ horns and four chambered stomachs. Plus, they don’t smell nearly as bad as you’d expect! These handsome ladies were just chillin’ by the side of the road, sunning themselves and being generally adorable. Will you think I’m weird if I admit I’ve done research about where in the US you can buy an Asian water buffalo? Because I have done that research. Read more

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Trees, Water, Sky (Part 1)

My dear friend Elaine submitted this task to the Scavenger Hunt: “Take pictures of natural beauty: one of trees, one of water and one of the sky.” Although I’ve been more than a little delinquent with the photo blogging, I have been putting together triptychs with this in mind. Here is my first offering; more wait in the wings. Read more