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Gone to Seed

If a blog is a garden, then AD has gone to seed. Although I can offer a small handful of what—at the time—felt like very legitimate explanations (“I can’t write today because…”), really none of these interventions excuses the long silence:

• Korean is hard and KLI is even harder.
• I’ve been expending my energy on living life, rather than writing about it.
• I’ve begun to normalize to my new Korean context, so things seem a lot less noteworthy.
• Did I mention that Korean is a hard language? Read more

You be the boss!

A couple days ago, a pair of BELOVED friends (Hi, Jaime and Elaine!) pitched an idea that I think is totally brilliant:

Create a scavenger hunt of activities to accomplish in Korea. They came up with some good ones: take a Segway tour of Seoul (it’s painful to even imagine what we’ll look like doing this, but I won’t say no, no matter how mortifying the task sounds); eat and photograph a Korean interpretation of some non-American food item (Korean nachos, perhaps?); locate a climbing gym and find a climbing partner.

You supply the ideas and I/we will complete them. Ever been curious about the Korean counterpart to something safely Western? Want to see us do something embarrassing (within limits, folks)? Do you have good travel tips you’d like to deliver in the form of a challenge? Credit will be given in any blog posts that result.

If you’re interested (come on, you know you wanna), leave your submissions in the comments section.

[P.S. We’re getting on the plane in 17.5 seconds. Oh my God. Here we go, kids.]

Checking In

Sorry that it’s been kinda quiet over here at Abrupt Departure. It’s just that there’s a lot going on: In less than twelve hours the friendly movers from Mayflower arrive to pack our dearest possessions into a 200 cubic foot shipping container (it sort of makes my head explode a little to write that sentence). And one week from tomorrow, we board a plane (it absolutely makes my head explode to write that).

If I were prioritizing blog posts over other things, I’d write separate entries about: my adventures and misadventures with international shipping companies; an impromptu visit to the Korean consulate; my ill-timed weekend in Austin; learning the hard way why it’s important to read the fine print when ordering foreign currency from an American bank; the incorrect passport number on a plane ticket; some harrowing times with my new university-supplied bilingual assistant; the paperwork, oh, the paperwork; and, finally, learning to love, or at least choke down, sushi.

But instead of writing funny blog posts we’re trying to decide how many pairs of socks and underwear we should be taking with us.

Now I know my ㅏ, ㅂ, ㅊs! Next time won’t you sing with me?

Ugh. I wish HCB would guest post already! He’s called dibs on the biggest pre-Korea, stress-related crisis. This mystery event has tainted the leaving process, but – Hallelujah! – everything has been resolved and in the best possible way. So yeah. Chop chop, HCB. I can’t account for my reversal in mood until you tell your story! Read more

For those autodidacts among us: